Longitudinal Studies

Better understanding the effectiveness of curricula through ongoing observations and identify essential support and housing needs.

Data over time. A path forward.

For the Transition Academy, launched in 2015, longitudinal research means examining the outcomes of more than 100 graduates. We have collected and assessed data on employment, self-determination, personal and household management, and community engagement at the beginning and completion of each two-year cohort. This enables First Place—along with our partners Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center (SARRC) and ASU’s College of Health Solutions—to examine long-term outcomes and any continuing challenges. The study is revealing how participation in and completion of the program contribute to the ability to flatten the cost curve and improve quality of care for autistic adults.

“We're responding to the growing housing crisis by focusing on accessibility—financial, physical, cognitive—and the data necessary to build sustainable properties for special populations who lack representation and resources.”
Maureen Casey, Chief Impact Officer, First Place Global Leadership Institute