Finding answers that accelerate change.

The First Place Global Leadership Institute is prompting a new future for individuals with autism and other neurodiversities through focused, purposeful research.

Data opens doors.

An entire generation of individuals with autism and/or intellectual/developmental disabilities (A/I/DD) is transitioning from adolescence to the responsibilities and unknowns of adulthood. The reality awaiting them? A shortage of accessible, affordable housing, accommodations and support services enabling them to thrive.

The First Place Global Leadership’s Colonel Harland Sanders Center for Applied Research is responding by informing solutions that address some of the biggest challenges for adults with A/I/DD.

“We're responding to the growing housing crisis by focusing on accessibility—financial, physical, cognitive—and the data necessary to build sustainable properties for special populations who lack representation and resources.”
Maureen Casey, Chief Impact Officer, First Place Global Leadership Institute

Longitudinal Studies

Data over time. A path forward.

A Place in the World®

With the shared goal of more options, we must speak the same language.

National Translational Research Consortium

On track to bridge the gap.

Housing Market Analyses

Comprehensive reports identifying housing and support needs and preferences of adults with A/I/DD.