and Trust

We’re thinking and acting locally to help individuals with autism and/or other intellectual and developmental disabilities (A/I/DD) feel more secure and comfortable in their surroundings.


It's a refuge. It's a feeling. It's security. It's community.

The First Place Global Leadership Institute takes to heart what home means to individuals, their families and all their loved ones. Through spirited collaboration and new thinking, we’re working hard to protect it. For adults with A/I/DD. For a lifetime.

Personal Security

The Learn4Independence® curriculum taught in the First Place Transition Academy—and licensed in communities across the nation—helps build a foundation for personal and community security. Courses cover home and financial security, along with health and identity protection—all designed to reduce risk.

Law Enforcement Training

Engaging law enforcement so that officers are more knowledgeable, understanding and supportive of adults with autism and/or other intellectual/developmental disabilities can help prevent dangerous situations and protect lives. First Place works with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, as well as Goodyear and Chandler police departments.