Because experience can help guide the way for others.

Lived experiences.

They help shape futures. Inform decisions. Build confidence. Prevent mistakes. The Place4Peers curriculum enables two different segments of the A/I/DD population to build on those experiences. Those who have lived it can use their wisdom as a springboard to become credentialed—and compensated—peer and recovery support specialists. Those who seek support can work with a specialist to build new life skills and open new doors.

Peer & recovery support specialists can:

  • Earn credentials through curriculum approved by Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS).
  • Enjoy the opportunity for meaningful employment and professional growth.

Peer support members can:

  • Build a foundation of confidence.
  • Address the core issues of loneliness, which is four times more prevalent in the A/I/DD community.
  • Gain a more positive outlook on life.

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