Exploring, testing and leveraging tools that power independence.
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New Solutions

For the neurotypical world, technology is a commodity. For the neurodiverse population, technology can be a powerful tool that optimizes ways to process information and help support independent lifestyles. The First Place Global Leadership Institute is continually exploring opportunities to capitalize on advances to open new doors.

Smart Speakers

Routines and schedules are essential to the flourishing lives at First Place–Phoenix. For reminders and alarms, each resident has a smart speaker to manage everything from medication and hygiene to schedules and sleep. It’s customizable based on the individual’s needs, including grocery lists for nutrition, weather information for wardrobe guidance, trivia for daily brain challenges and personal preferences in music.

Dwell Stack

With Dwell, First Place is building a holistic information framework for residents to empower them with access to continuous, quantified health information. Dwell’s wearable smart devices (optional for residents) can gather daily information on areas that influence a person’s well-being, providing the capacity to share that information with their supportive community.

Providing data that can help an individual manage their own health helps democratize access to services and support.


An independent life requires mobility. To help many First Place–Phoenix residents get to places like work, school and the grocery store, we collaborate with Waymo, Lyft and Uber. Giving them tools to set out on their own helps increase independence.


Preventing social isolation is key. The use of Android tablets has helped foster a community of online, multi-player gamers who actively interact.