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We must speak the same language.

We all have the same goal. So let’s speak the same language.

A Place in the World: Fueling Housing and Community Options for Adults with Autism and Other Neurodiversities (APITW) represents another first from the First Place Global Leadership Institute and serves as the definitive tri-sector resource for the housing industry, direct service providers, policymakers, scholars, researchers and various other stakeholders.

This groundbreaking study published in 2020 sets forth a new narrative, providing foundational nomenclature for housing and service delivery models, with the goal to further define market segments, promising and best practices, and guiding principles. Also designed to drive crucial partnerships, the study identifies pressing needs resulting from the current housing crisis and addresses the importance of broader community solutions.

APITW provides a framework for these essential next steps:

  • Establish the universal language indispensable for innovation, as well as the expansion of and investment in supportive housing developments throughout the U.S. and beyond.
  • Make it possible for housing developers and technology providers to better grasp the complex needs and nuances of this market by responding with innovative solutions and a range of price points that includes public and private funding sources.
  • Enable the collection, tracking and sharing of baseline and outcome data.
  • Facilitate major policy advances based on data—a key criteria—versus ideology alone.

APITW is informed through research, data collection and collaboration with various industry thought leaders, culminating in the report, planning tools and videos.

Provided by our partner Autism Housing Network
“Housing and community options for special populations are today where the senior housing industry started 60 years ago. We still have much to do to create a marketplace of options, recognizing that, like age, diagnosis alone does not determine an individual’s home needs or preferences.”
Denise D. Resnik, Founder & President/CEO, First Place AZ

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Housing and community research is a major endeavor that requires a collective sense of purpose from committed collaborators. We are grateful to every institution and organization that help make these efforts possible.

Lead Partners & Major Sponsors

These leaders recognize the value of housing as a major social determinant of health, as well as the need for a common language to inform, improve and launch a marketplace of innovative, inclusive housing solutions.

Leadership Advisory Board

An international leadership advisory board representing industry experts has worked together to develop strategies for how public, private, philanthropic and nonprofit sectors can build, grow and align communities to meet ever-increasing demand and serve the vast and diverse needs of individuals with autism and other neurodiversities. These thought leaders are defining—and defying—barriers and further exploring various models to significantly improve and increase access to supportive housing across the country.

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