Housing & Community

The urgency for housing, healthcare and community options continues to increase, with 1.8 million adults with autism and other neurodiversities living with caregivers over age 60.

Housing and Community Equity

Through the Make Waves Center for Community Development, the First Place Global Leadership Institute is actively pursuing a range of initiatives to address housing issues facing adults with autism and/or intellectual/developmental disabilities (A/I/DD).

A Place in the World®

The definitive tri-sector resource for the housing industry, direct service providers, policymakers, scholars, researchers and various other stakeholders.

Reports that identify the housing needs and preferences of adults with A/I/DD and their families/caregivers.

Many people with A/I/DD contend with loneliness and isolation. Because the best support for this can come from someone with lived experience, First Place developed Place4Peers™, a program to train aspiring peer specialists.

Together, we are thinking through myriad ways to make this a more nurturing and inclusive world for vulnerable populations.

Powerful, productive tools that make a life of independence possible.

“Housing and community options for special populations are today where the senior housing industry started 60 years ago. We still have much to do to create a marketplace of options, recognizing that, like age, diagnosis alone does not determine an individual’s home needs or preferences.”
Denise D. Resnik, Founder & President/CEO, First Place AZ