Workplace Readiness

Through Be Open + Be Ready, First Place works with employers, jobseekers and job coaches to help ensure a smooth, successful path to—and through—employment.
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Creating neuro-inclusive work cultures.

Properly assessed and prepared employers, jobseekers and job coaches help lay the foundation for neuro-inclusive work cultures.

Participating employers receive training, toolkits and coaching to establish a neuro-inclusive workplace culture for optimum understanding and competency of all employees. Feedback from employers helps gauge confidence and satisfaction with employer/employee training and support. Data informs ongoing adjustments and improvements to the program.

“Loyal, neurodivergent employees help us solve the problem of grasshoppers—the people who jump from job to job and cost businesses millions of dollars.”
Robert Lavinia, Former President/CEO, Tosco Marketing

The pillars of workplace and workforce success.


Our self-assessment toolkit, along with site visits and interviews, determine employment readiness and any needed adjustments for a neuro-inclusive work environment.
Interests, skills, training and potential challenges are determined through self-assessment tools and interviews.
Job Coach
One-on-one meetings and self-assessment tools ensure coaches are prepared to meet the needs of neurodiverse jobseekers.


Be Ready℠ curriculum guides and supports employers actively adjusting to the needs of neurodiverse individuals. This may include the development of instructional guides and/or adjustments to interview and supervision approaches.
Based on assessed job readiness, upskill and new skills training is provided through curricula and one-one-one support and vocational rehabilitation.
Job Coach
Core competency certification serves as the foundation for tiered training to ensure job coaches effectively and successfully support neurodiverse individuals.

Download and Be Ready.

Learn about future Be Ready programming in this downloadable brochure. 

Be ready to be open.

The First Place Workforce Development Team can help your business capitalize on the many strengths of a neurodiverse workforce. Just tell us when and we’ll sit down and get you started.

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