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A life of meaningful employment requires soft and hard skills. Learn4Independence (L4I) is an evidence-based curriculum that equips adults with autism with those skills so they can step into a life they can call their own.


  • Designed for adults with autism and other neurodiversities
  • Comprehensive 32-course curriculum
  • Adaptable to your existing program
  • Accommodates various learning differences
  • Less time developing content and more time teaching
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“Various skills enable an independent life. We support students with a comprehensive curriculum and hands-on experiences to prepare them for the workplace while helping them build the competencies and confidence they need to thrive.”
brad herron-valenzuela, Managing Director, First Place Transition Academy

Independent living takes practice.​

Learn4Independence is a 32-course curriculum developed for adults with autism that focuses on independent living skills and career readiness. Unique curriculum elements accommodate various learning differences and incorporate universally designed instruction adaptable to your community and cultural needs. Adults seeking sustainable employment and a more self-sufficient, independent life can thrive with L4I.

The Curriculum

Each course contains 16–17 modules and is designed with a similar structure presenting new material while assessing knowledge and mastery. A comprehensive collection of supplemental materials includes worksheets, projects, presentations, midterms and final exams. Courses vary in length; some progress across four semesters, starting with basic information and building to more advanced concepts of independent living and employment.

Learn4Independence students master essential topics for a purposeful life filled with possibilities. (The number of parts per course is listed below.)

Work (4)
Getting a job & navigating the workplace
Finances (4)
Money basics & personal finance
Safety (4)
At home and in the community
Relationships (4)
Friendships & family relationships
Nutrition (2)
Safety, meal planning & preparation
Identity (2)
Personal & community identity
Community (4)
Roommates & community apartment living
Health (2)
Physical & mental health
Solutions (2)
Conflict resolution, coping skills & personal management
Etiquette (1)
Courtesy & manners
Transportation (1)
Travel planning, budgeting & etiquette
Living on My Own (1)
Creating a life of independence
Organization (1)
Setting goals & organizing daily life


Put the proven curriculum to work for your students on their paths to greater independence.

The initial licensing fee for the Learn4Independence curriculum is $58,000. Year one offers access to online workshops, attendance at the annual First Place Global Leadership Institute Symposium and a contact for individual consultation. For each subsequent year, licensees pay a $5,800 annual renewal fee and receive access to curriculum updates, online workshops and an individual consultation.

Initial licensing fee
Annual renewal fee

An annual visit by a First Place AZ curriculum specialist to review curriculum utilization and student outcomes, as well as collaborate on best practices, is optional at $2,500 per day plus travel expenses.

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