A Mug, a Card and So Much Gratitude for Boss’ Day

As any parent understands, seeing a child flourish makes your spirits fly. That’s the same feeling we have at First Place–Phoenix as we watch residents thrive.

Lindsey Eaton, one of our first residents, has approached her job at the Arizona School Boards Association with complete gusto. She is dedicated, energized and gaining so much from her experience there.

As Lindsey tells us, when she first started, she would barely talk to the team and struggled to make eye contact. Now, she speaks freely, makes eye contact, takes initiative on tasks and works independently. She is proud of her performance, especially of a large mailing she is currently working on.

For Boss’s Day on October 16, Lindsey requested to meet with her supervisors. She surprised each of them with a mug and a card. They have become Lindsey’s mentors, helping her advance her professional skills. She also enjoys talking football, family and life with them.

“From the start, Ellen and Kristi have been such amazing supervisors, making sure I know how to do a task by making a sample or by helping me when needed,” says Lindsey. “Also, they continuously include me in company events.”

“A few weeks ago, I helped out at their Law Conference at Camelback Inn and loved it. I saw a few superintendents I knew,” adds Lindsey. “They have also embraced their partnership with SARRC. They came to the 2017 and 2018 Community Breakfasts and will be at the Autism Speaks Walk this weekend, when I will be walking with Team ASBA: Walking for Lindsey. I cannot imagine working anywhere else and look forward to many years at ASBA!”

We all walk with you, Lindsey!

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