A Letter to All Incoming First Place Residents

Dear First Place Residents,

My name is Lindsey Eaton and I am a member of First Place Resident Advisory Committee.  I will also live at First Place Phoenix. What drew me to First Place were the facts that it would be close to my job, there would be plenty of fun events to do in Downtown Phoenix and the fact there are different rooms on each floor. The second floor has a fitness room, the third floor has a game room and the fourth floor has a zen room!

Whether you are a First Place Transition Academy participant or a First Place resident, the Resident Advisory Committee will be there to help you.  We will answer your questions or be there to support you if you need it. We will wear magnetic name tags with our first names on them so look for us. Look for our leaders Sara and Nina too.

Now a little bit about my story: I moved into the First Place Transition Academy in November 2016. During two year time in the program, I learned how to cook my own meals, do my own laundry, take Uber and the light rail, be on time for meetings with my job coach,  advocate for myself when I have had a question for staff and plan social events with my peers. I spoke at the 2017 SARRC Community Breakfast about my journey with autism.  It has now been a year since I spoke but I still have people come up to me and say they heard the speech and how it was powerful.

Employment is a big goal of Transition Academy and First Place–Phoenix alike.  I have worked at the AZ School Boards Association for seven months now and I love every minute of it. My co-workers and supervisors value me- when I leave for a few days to go on a trip the team tells me they’ll miss and I thank them.  I help with a variety of different tasks including shredding papers, greeting guests, signing for packages and gathering signatures for birthday cards for my co-workers. When I work, I try and stay busy. I offer to assist the team with new tasks through taking initiative.  I also talk to my co-workers and supervisors when there is time. We talk about our lives, family, work and summer break plans.

Now back to you. Each and every one of you has your own story. At First Place- Phoenix, we will be part of each other’s journeys. We will work, we will learn together, we will lead together and we will create lasting memories together.  We all have our own unique abilities. Some of mine public speaking, event planning, blogging, writing letters and leading people on tours of First Place. What are your abilities?

Thank you,
Lindsey Eaton
First Place–Phoenix Resident

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