A (first!) place to call home

Leasing activity for the First Place Apartments has been underway for the past several months leading up to this month’s opening of First Place–Phoenix. A limited number of our 55 apartment units are being released monthly. The purposeful and gradual occupancy of First Place is a concerted effort to support new residents as they transition to their new homes. It’s a very exciting time in their lives and we want to be mindful of the possible challenges that may come up along the way. After all—moving can be stressful, no matter who you are!

We’re committed to helping residents settle into their new digs and become familiar with the many exciting features of this brand-new, state-of-the-art property. We are also taking time to familiarize everyone with the policies and procedures that govern how we live peacefully and happily as neighbors.

We’re excited to introduce residents to and acquaint them with their new community. Through the First Place Community Life Plan, we’re focused on bringing people out of their homes and into the mix through engaging, shared activities that allow them to participate, get to know their neighbors and make new friends.

From culinary classes, water aerobics and karaoke night to bowling leagues, movies and weekly barbecues, the Council of Resident Engagement—or CORE—of First Place has been hard at work preparing a long, fun to-do list.

The CORE is led by some of our very first residents, our “firsties.” You’ll be hearing much more from the CORE in the weeks ahead, so stay tuned!

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