A Definition of Community That Can Work for Everyone

I admit it. I’m sensitive. So is our community. The words we use matter—a lot!

During our fall Global Leadership Institute Symposium, I shared my definition of community: “It’s the people in your life you don’t pay to care about you.” I also learned from Amy Lutz, a trusted friend and fellow mom on a mission, that she thought this definition wasn’t inclusive enough.

Amy’s right. As the parent of a son with severe autism, she explained that many of the people in her son’s life whom he values most are in fact those she does pay. It’s not easy for her to engage those who are not trained professionals in providing him with the substantial support he needs. She counts on and values those paid professionals—and so does her son.

So together we started working on a new definition of community. One that is more inclusive and extends beyond a home’s four walls or any city street’s coordinates. Check it out:

Community is not just a geographic location, but an emotional connection, too. It’s defined by those you care about and trust to care about you. 

It’s where you can be yourself and experience life knowing there are always people in your corner. 

Work for you? If so—or if not—please let us know.

Wishing you seasonal celebrations filled with those you care about…and who care about you the most!

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