Lifelong Networks for Communities of Support (LNCS)

Topics at LNCS sessions have ranged from financial planning to healthy relationships and sex. We’re always planning more, so stay tuned!

Upcoming LNCS sessions

We’re currently planning more engaging and insightful LNCS sessions. Watch this space for what’s to come!

“We're raising the bar on outcomes and purposeful daily living by igniting innovation, pursuing translational research and advancing life-changing public policy.”
Denise D. Resnik, Founder & President/CEO, First Place AZ & Global Leadership Institute

Past LNCS Sessions

Social Media: Source of Connection or Destruction

Ilana Lowery - Arizona Regional Director, Common Sense Media

Innovative Insights: Designing a Workplace for and with Team Members with Autism

Tom D’Eri - Entrepreneur, Advocate and Author

Perspectives on Disability Advocacy & Parenting for Realistic & Collaborative Goal Setting

Emily Ladau - Disability Activist and Writer

The Road from Barriers to Belonging: Changing the Landscape for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

Dr. Erik Carter - Cornelius Vanderbilt Professor of Special Education at Vanderbilt University

Analyzing Inequities Due to Race, Autism and/or Other Neurodiversities

Stephanie Keeney Parks, M.A. - Ph.D. Candidate at UCLA’s Department of Anthropology

Supporting Safe & Healthy Relationships

Peter Gerhardt, Ed.D. - Executive Director, EPIC School