First Place® AZ

Before anything else, we established First Place AZ: the nonprofit roots for First Place–Phoenix and the Global Leadership Institute.

Mission & Vision


Foster a supportive, sustainable community where adults with autism and/or other intellectual/developmental disabilities live and thrive with pride, purpose and endless possibilities.


Ensure housing, healthcare and employment options are as bountiful for adults with autism and/or other intellectual/developmental disabilities as they are for everyone else. 

Inclusivity Diversity Equity Accessibility (IDEA)

First Place AZ is dedicated to fostering an inclusive community, growing a diverse and integrated workforce, and providing housing that is affordable, accessible and attainable. We seek to impact the greater community through conversations, actions and lived experiences. We lead authentically through daily practices focused on addressing roadblocks through dialog, modeling, data collection, innovation and public policy—and maximizing independence and quality of life for those we serve.
“We're raising the bar on outcomes and purposeful daily living by igniting innovation, pursuing translational research and advancing life-changing public policy.”
Denise D. Resnik, Founder & President/CEO, First Place AZ & Global Leadership Institute

Annual Reports